The Adventures of the Gentlemanly Bastards

The Isle of Dread

Lord Stephen Terrell took The Bastards to meet with Baron Brava Straygos. The Baron asked them to go meet with the Priori for him, and advise them of the Empires encroaching upon Lucio and the Principalities.

The Bastards took to the seas on a ship of Terrell’s, named The Sea Wyvern. The captain of the ship was Amella Venkalie, and other passengers were Avner Meravanchi, Urol Forol, Tavey Nesk, and Father Feres.

After days of travel they neared The Isle of Dread, but as they did another ship quickly approached them. They tried to outrun them but it was of no use. As the ship approached the bad weather began and The Wyvern tried to lure the larger ship into the rocks around the northern coast the isle. It was at this time that Father Feres showed his true colors and attempted to sabotage the ship, however, in his escape his life was ended by Andaris.

The Bastards managed to make it to shore along with Amella Venkalie, Avner Meravanchi, Urol Forol, and Tavey Nesk…as well as a survivor from the enemy ship Privateer Tholamin Droverson. It was from that moment on that their journey took a turn for the strange. They were assaulted by giant lizards, birds, and insects. They came across a strange old woman who wished to hear their tales of the world beyond the island. Winged creatures of stone attacked them, and finally a demonic worshipper of Demogorgon kidnapped Urol Forol and drug him away to a buried temple. However, The Bastards were able to rescue him before he became a sacrifice to the demon lord.

With all these things behind them on the isle of dread The Bastards rode with a group of natives in a small boat, and finally arrived at the docks of Sasserine.

The Mountain Monastery

The Party received a message from a noble in Lucio offering them work. They met with Lord Terrell at The Galloping Unicorn where he requested they go investigate a monastery he does business with that his brother is a member of.

Along the way the adventurers encountered Myra, a monk from the monastery seeking help from the intruders. She advised them of the people who invaded, and that the monks were holed up in hiding waiting on her to bring back assistance.

The party assaulted the thugs in the temple, who they later found were working for an emissary of the Emperor Joda Kost. This emissary had with him a letter from one of the Empire’s Generals, charging him with the seizure of some sort of property from the temple.

After defeating the invaders the Master of the temple sent Myra with the adventurers to deliver a message to Lord Terrell.


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