Tyrion Wesley

A man in his early 40's with black hair that is graying on the temples. He has green eyes and carries a permanent 5 o'clock shadow.


Tyrion is a perpetual drunk. He only sobers up long enough for an adventure…only to fall back into drinking once done. He has a permanent room at The Smiling Bandit where he spends most of his time drinking.

In his younger days he was a soldier in the mainlands army. I fought in the Great War over 15 years ago, but doesn’t speak about that time.


Tyrion witnessed first hand the death of the Crimson Emperor. His platoon was there when the Joda Kost and his minions defeated him. He also watched as the undead tore apart the palace looking for the royal family, and he helped Archmage Yoki to escape with the baby Mira. He then set to get as far away as he could from the Imperial city.

Tyrion Wesley

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